Morning glory

Sickle in the sky

I toe the line for you.

One star, gut already busted,

swells silently beside it.

Air cold. Sky clear and soft

like a pillow you want to lay

your face on but won’t

because creasing such perfection

would be unforgivable.

For one night a year

they have each other;

beauty is fleeting

yet the memory eternal.



You do not have to be good

You do not have to be good

or do as you think you should

while under cloak and dagger

burn fire, would

you want to sprawl and lie and try

to hide

who you are, how you feel inside?

You do not have to be good.

You do not have to bow.

While inside you howl

to the open moon:

a whittled wishbone

over time that is over too soon.

Your lion heart won’t tame you,

your wild wings push through the cage.

Your life is not a stage.

It is real.

What you feel is real.

Stop the games of hide and seek,

there’s no need to hide, or run away;

instead come out, come out, wherever you are.

Come out, come out, as gay.

The Silicone Baby…

Spawned from a world obsessed with beauty and youth, silicone baby came out of the womb like a model comes out onto a catwalk. No blood at all, instead a sunkissed shine which made you expect a tanning machine to come rolling out of there after the placenta. Instead of screaming and scrunching up it’s face, the baby pouted and winked a perfectly coloured emerald blue eye. The doctors stared, their mouths agape. How could this happen? How could a perfect child to outdo all the “perfect children” in the world have been born? And why did this baby feel so different, sort of rubbery and perfectly soft like a whale? The answer was in the Mother. Her of the platinum blonde hair, cheek implants, botox and pink lip gloss. Her tits perfectly perky and pert with no hint of milk excretion. The Mother smiled at this creation that had come out of her soon to be stitched back to virginity vagina and reached out. With the baby in her arms she looked down at it and after stroking it’s perfectly soft hair said “Darling, we really need to get you some hair extensions.”


– Written by Jo Cooper. Silicone Baby created by Jo Cooper. Ta.