Valentines Jack

So I see you are back, Jack.

With your croons and crazy tunes

inside the crappy cards.

Oh lad, you’re such a bard!

Sincerity you lack, Jack.

So you can take it back, Jack.

The folk of Nor dont want you no more

or your crap from the stores

so dont come round here no more.

Hit the road, Jack.

Hit the road.

Take your poisonous gifts

and your loose locking lips

because I am wagging this finger

and shaking these hips.

You’re a fake and a phony,

preying on the lonely

and preying on the loved

like they dont have enough. 

You make us say “I love you”

on one day of the year

with shit balloons and flowers,

cards and consumer cheer.

Roses are red and heart break is blue,

but smug cunts are worse, what can you do?

I tell you what, Jack lad,

I’m having a beer

and I raise my glass to you, my man,

and say: “Fuck off, until next year”.



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