Return to Sender.

There’s a wall to plug me into.

Flick me like a switch.

Watch me light up for you

from the place you missed.

I tried to hide from you

in angry words I’d turn from pain

and now the wanderer returns

but I can’t do that again.

So I just say: ‘Take care now’

and wish you all the best.

I’m full of cliche bullshit

just like all the rest.

It’s hard to say: ‘I love you’

when it won’t do me any good.

It’s hard to say ‘I need you’

because it never did me any good.

You do what you want to.

It’s what you’re best at any way,

being a survivor

and running while I stay.

So I’ll just say: ‘Take care now’

and send you on your way

I may reach out my hand to you

and find you at a later date

at some point in this life time

or the next one on the way

but for now, take care now,

I’ll send you on your way.



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