Swim, Son

Kick your feet son

the seas not high enough to mention

and if you don’t swim

I’ll put you in for detention.

Try, try, try, kick hard

and get the girls attention

even if she’s in the

later stages of pretension.

You couldn’t mention her pretension

to her pretty little face

she’ll go on a date with you

then blank you for the chase.

She’s blowing bubble gum

at the boys like it is mace.

But you want her, oh you want her,

so just swim son, win this race.

Kick your feet hard

off the scummy mossy wall,

like your jumping off a cliff

dive into the fall.

She’s watching you now

as you reach the final stage,

her plucked eyebrow arched

on her pretty little face

but when you reach the finish line

she’s gone without a trace.

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