Can’t Love, Can’t Hurt

Walking down Main Street,

the breeze brushes leaves,

autumnal colours scatter by me.

Feeling so empty,

this shadow strolls through the blocks,

a ghost haunting Main Street,

taken too many knocks.

In a maze of gold colours,

the leaves dance on the ground

and party around me

but I’m all alone now.

I try to find words

but the silence is sweet

the wind whispers to me

‘Don’t you miss body heat?’

Walking down Main Street,

this jugular block,

this place to see lovers,

and those that have taken hard knocks

in life, they walk by me,

with barely a care,

either hand holds or hand outs,

I place paper there.

Walking down Main Street

the wind whispers four simple words

that follow me forever:

‘Can’t love, can’t hurt’.


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