The Psychopathic Cat

Me gots a cat in a cradle,

me swing it with me tail,

swing it extra hard,

me like the way she wails.

I got a dart board with knife holes

cuz me darts darted away.

Me so mean a cat, man,

that objects refuse to stay.

Me mates play pull me finger

and I snap it for some jam

the sound of yowling kitties

makes me wanna dance.

Skatting with me homies,

raping pussies down the rows,

getting double helpings

from worms inside dead crows.

I gots me a VHS set full of pornos,

got a list of enemy cats

that I gots on me kill list,

I’m a pyschopathic cat.

Me bad right to the marrow

of the bone me chewing on,

I say ‘Is you is mah bebe?’

but in the morning I be gone.

Artwork by Michael Hurley


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