Remember Remember?

Remember remember

as flames turn to embers

that the milkyway is mooning for you,

as I do.

Remember remember

that it all has an ending

and that this ending has embers

of you,

as I do.

On my clothes, in my hair,

your scent clings everywhere

as I crunch and I crave

more of you.

You are smoke from dry fires,

an eternal sad lyre

that plays a sad song so blue,

as I do.

Remember the crackle and choir

of the fire and lyre

in a battle of who most got heard?

The crackling fire

died down as the lyre

sang the saddest sorry words.

As I listened and burned

a lesson was learned

and I remembered the embers…

my memories senders.

Remember remember

that lust soon forms embers

that die out and dry out in full view,

as you did, and I do.

I still do.


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