Ode To The Almost Heart-Shaped Stone, Which Looked Good In Water, Yet Dull When Dry.

I stole a pebble from by the sea

It glistened boldly in its own beauty.

It was blue and red and cruelly cracked,

made me think of things I lacked

and wanted more and more but couldn’t reach

like love, because my heart did teach

that love is but a blended thing

that turns minds to mush and traps with rings.

This pebble shaped like an ugly heart,

a triangular sculpture of modern art,

was placed inside my trouser’s shell

and stolen from its soft sea swell.

Once back inside my place of home

I reached and found the heart of stone

and saw it had become ugly

and no more glistened as it had boldly.

Without the sea the stone was dull and bland

I should have left it on the sand.



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