Love is a snail

that allows a creature into its home

that devours it whole

and leaves nothing but shell.

Hollow, translucent

and as fragile as hell.

A Hell of fragility

A stake at my virginity.

You weren’t my first girlfriend

but you were my first love.

Two shrooms shielded together

under a bush of love.

My bush burned for you

But the fire was beaten

by cynicsm, criticism,

and cunning mistreatment.

Love starts off astutely beautifully

and slowly unravels

to reveal faults and fraught feelings

that require a gavel.

Some order is caught

by our carnal proceedings.

I knew I loved you

when you stroked at my bush,

the fire was lighting

the shrooms blushed and pushed

Their heads became oily,

then charred a coal grey,

you kissed once for luck

then left passion’s play.

The shell is picked empty.

It hides in the decay

of an ashen bush burnt out

by love’s wicked ways.



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