Hurley Wanna Hurl.

Woke up one morning

and looked in the fridge,

I saw simply nothing,

said: ‘Man what a bitch.’

The fridge it was empty,

where did my food go?

Did it run from its cage?

From mould did legs grow?

My girl,

I am starving,

I been sleeping all day

where did my food go?

Did you take it away?

I had chop-suey

and lamb shank,

a hamburger too.

They all disappeared,

my girl,

was it you?

I’m hungry and grumbling,

my belly it aches

where the fuck are my chippys?

my pepper sauce and my steak?

Oh girl,

I am starving.

My tummy, it growls,

and in the night

it will wake you

as it rumbles and howls.

Where is my bacon?

My eggs and my bread?

Why is there some green hands

a green brain and a head?

My food is all gone,

been replaced by a body

but man oh man,

I still sure am hungry.

People eat brain right?

In some places a delicacy

and as someone once said:

‘brain sure is good for me’

Get the stove hot now honey

we’re frying tonight.

It’s gonna be a hot one

My belly’s alright.


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