Poetry Challenge: The Elephant in the Room


A petty drip upon ones chair

slipping down the side

to one’s underwear

I look up, confused

what is this drip

that’s wet my chair

so I slide and slip?

An elephant a top the ceiling

gives one a gutsy, queasy feeling.

“What-ho!” I say, feeling quite brave

“What are you doing?”  in a high octave.

The elephant stares with a black, beady eye,

as the ceiling creaks a cracking cry.

“Get down from there you shameless brute!

Back to the Circus with you,

I give you the boot!”

It stares a long and pointed stare

that wets my moistened underwear.

I pause and turn toward the door

and race for the knob, my hand a-claw.

The elephant falls, it gives bold chase,

I’m on the garden grass, racing post haste.

I reach the wall and take a breath

before being trampled to my dastardly death.

If you see an elephant a-top your ceiling

take note of that most-queasy feeling

and remember to run, and run post haste;

do not stop when an elephant gives chase.


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