I’m gonna make a move,

you’re gonna make a move,

we’re both gonna make a move.

She’s behind me,

close enough to touch,

she’s behind me, hiding, hiding

and its getting far too much.

Would it hurt just to turn

and see her smiling face

and remove this worried hurt

and antagonising ache?

Hades could be lying,

one coin needed for the Styx;

my baby could be staying

and I’ll be torn to bits.

Oh honey where’s my lyre

to sing my song to you?

We’ll always be together

my words are honest truth.

I could sing and you could sing

and I’d feel your voice behind

and I won’t have to worry

that you’ve been left behind.

O darlin’, pretty darlin’,

give me one sweet sign

as we swim through Hades world

in darkness so divine.

Just touch my sorry shoulder,

or reach for my shaking hand,

help me through this fear

that I can’t understand.

Why won’t  you give me a sign

in this Underworld divine?

O, she’s not there;

I have been tricked

I can’t go alone

on the river Styx.

Where is she,

where is my love

I’m swimming asunder

when I should bring her above.

I can’t take no more,

I must now look

and that fleeting glimpse

has my baby hooked.

Dragged deep, dark and down

into the murky myre

as the dark angels sing

at her funeral choir.

I’m gonna make a move,

I’ve got to make a move,

I’ve got to make a move.

Up above with the living

I sing a song to you

and the jealous Maenads

rip my shell in two.

I’m swimming through the waters,

I’m searching for my girl

who I won’t ever leave again;

together in the Underworld.


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