The long-legged man I create with my fingers

walks down the grassy lane of your speckled egg arm.

Reaching your rock I win the game and

suffocate your hardness like a gift.

This rock could smash through the bones, veins

and tendons of this open sheet of paper

that moulds your fist like pastry.

There are lines written all over it.

The lines are divine, telling me how long

I will live,

how many children I will have

and how many times my heart will be broken.

I look to your closed book,

denying the divinity, clenched and solid

with no room to enter.

The long-legged man dawdles casually

over to the soft pink button on your breast.

He is swiped away by a swooping bat,

nocturnal and impatient for peace and sleep.

Scampering to safety, my hand hides

stroking gently down your side,

biding my time before sneaking to the cave

between your thighs.

Poseidon’s solid waves heave higher and

crash together, crushing this sailor

who concedes failure and defeat with his white flag.

Your body is dangerous

but safety is always found as I spoon against

the soft tenderness of your back.


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