Diversions didnt destroy the pain inside of you.

The pain you never shared, but that I somehow knew.

It was written on your face my love, it was all over you.

In lines and eyes and held in sighs

This agony inside just grew.

Heroics like yours we dont hear of anymore,

Reading without reading no one knows the score,

their knowledge of your people’s pain so poor.

In lines, their eyes, they can not try,

our worlds not yours, it is folklore.

with unbelievable tales bordering the insane,

with secrets in which you feel to blame,

my darling, you were never ever in that frame.

In lines and eyes you cant deny

your past, it is engrained.

And now I lay here without my one true love

who couldnt take his pain, had had enough

I look to the sky and the stars above

Aligned, your eyes knew fate was blind

When it thought we could be saved by love.


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