Grazed Knees, Bruised Ego’s.

Bully boys in different ties

with pinky promises

and crossed fingers behind backs.

In detention doing twenty lines

for 13 years of daily lies.

During full on fisticuffs

and shambles in the brambles

the two big boys

bore their eyes upon fresh meat.

In the heat of the moment

they carry on fighting

and back biting

while the new boy

notes their behaviour

and decides to be different.

He becomes better,

bolder, stronger.

The longer they ignore him

the more he hones his craft

of words.

Assembly time.

A scuffle as they walk in

as the two smug, smirking

bully boys bray at one another.

It is time to vote

for a new leader of the school;

a prefect to perfect faults.

Brash, bold laughter

as the two try to trip each other,

shoving and smacking each others backs

to make up for the promises they lack.

The new boy watches and waits;

a ninja in the night.

He ducks and weaves

as they state their wants and needs,

raising their voices

and raising the roof

as their ego’s swell

to ‘Alice in Wonderland’ proportions.

This ninja of liberation

slays these two giants

with their own words.

A debate from years of hate

leaves their ego’s hurt.

The red tied boys red lips

suck at air like a fish out of water.

The little boy blue

tries to conserve his energy and cool

but starts spreading salacious lies

about the other two.

His enemy fire backfires onto him,

burning his cheeks

as red as the gasping lips next to him.

One hour in the ring

and they’re knocked out,

grazed knees

and bruised ego’s in need of a massage.

The new boy takes his crown

a new king for this crumbling town.


6 responses to “Grazed Knees, Bruised Ego’s.

  1. ive never voted before so i thought i would because things cant really carry on as they are… but then conservatives are not keen on the gays so i dont want them to get my vote :p , but then i knew nothing of the lib dems and after watching the election he seemed to be the best option… but i dont know im not a parliamentary geek. :/

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