They say it started with a big bang,

but it was more the spider web

that linked the sparsely twinkled stars

to create the constellation of your name.

In abstract art it would be:

a red tinted triangle

a duck beak coloured circle, slit down the middle,

an electric blue pyramid

and two golden arrow points, connected

and part of your crown.

Your Majesty,

resting above your head is your destiny.

You were once King of country

in this paradise of Eden.

Simplicity was not enough.

Submissiveness was not enough.

Reading the story of your life

on the fine print of your hand

was like making your name

out of the shapes on a Kandinsky painting:


How do you sleep when Eve’s legs are closed

for the night

and Dawn’s golden tresses are hidden in slumber?

You gave your ribs for her creation

but never call the morning after.



get up off of those knees,

he should never have stolen from that tree.


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