The Tale Of Edna, Who Ate Her Own Sister Brenda.

Edna was a child with metabolism poor,

it made it hard for her to fit through doors.

The children at school pointed and laughed

for their size to her was about half.

It was indeed proof of the child being cruel

because Hell to poor Edna was being at school.

Edna’s sister was blonde and slim

with taut muscles and little fat in her limbs.

Sadly for her Edna’s cravings were ravenous

and what happened next was indeed scandalous.

Edna tied her sister up like a pig on a spit

and watched with glee as the fire was lit.

She gobbled her up without thought of sisterly love

but complained bitterly that their wasnt enough.

Greed came back to haunt the still hungry Edna

in the style of her nibbled and dead sister Brenda.

“You ate me for lunch! You’re own darling sister!

Did you not even think of how much you would miss her?

Inside here I’m not shouting for fun

now let me out, my life had barely begun!”

These words Edna heard from deep inside

and in one belch out her sister did glide.

Brenda came out all gooey from bile

but she smiled gratefully all the while.

It was clear to the rather relieved  Brenda

that she was lucky her sister did not use a blender.

Edna then promised to change her diet.

Humans on the menu, you shouldn’t try it.


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