The Roots of Vines.

Mr. Vine,

a teddy bear of a man,

died alone in his home

of 100 years.

A divine achievement

as he watched the cycles

of time that sweeped by.

The long tender stem

of his loyalty

wrapped around his home,

kept it and his morals

firmly in place

despite the £100,000

cheques that fell on the mat.

Four different monarchs,

eighteen different prime ministers,

a Waitrose where there used

to be a cricket green;

but still the same soggy England,

the same rain

falling on the same house

with only intentions

of cleaning chimneys

and fixing bicycles.

Dying in his sleep,

Ted left in a way others

dream of; leaving

behind him a legacy

of loyalty and history.

The grandchildren of six

and fourteen great-grandchildren

pledge an allegiance

to Mr. Vine, his work,

his history

and what he stood for:

“He was born there,

grew up there,

brought his own wife home

to that house.

You can’t put a price on

100 years of good memories.”

A month later

and there is a for sale

sign on the wall.

Ted’s Vines have loosened;

family roots ripped up,

all for a different green.


2 responses to “The Roots of Vines.

  1. Mr Vine, far from dieing alone had all his family around him during his final days & died peacefully in his sleep at home accoring to his wishes.

    Mr Vine left his house to his relitives, unfortunatly he also left it to one extra person called the TAX man who now has the lions share.

    Mr Vine was much loved by his family and we are all still very much grieving his death. None of us has the money to pay the taxes now owed on his property or to undertake the repairs needed and it was a heart breaking decision to agree to sell.

    Our poet who obviously has nothing better to do than torment grieving relatives, has their facts wrong & does not know the family. If they feel so strongly their time would be better spent lobbying their MP about the current inheritance tax laws.

    Joanna Vine

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