Birds in the Dusk.

The soft red glow

warms a room with no windows

to the outside world.

A world that is an unwelcome distraction

to us

as we travel around

the planets that are our bodies.

I circle you,

kissing and chasing

expanses of land, hills and caves.

The island of your plump lip,

juicy and moist,

presses against mine.

I look inside your bra

and see far away birds,

little “m” shapes in an areola dusk

flying towards the pink, pointed sun.

I too reach for this dream location,

and take this vision of serenity

into my mouth.

As the birds remain static,

frozen by the dusk turning to night,

I go further south

to warmer and more welcoming climates,

our travelling quickens pace

and with urgency

and sharpened breaths

we both come to the same destination.


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