“We are so happy for you both.”

“We kind of had an inkling, you know.”

“We still love you.”

“Your Dad is fine with it, so laid back anyway isn’t he?”

“Now I’m a trendy Mum!”

“I know you don’t want a fuss but… we are proud of you.”

“You have good taste, you make a stunning couple.”

“We would never have stopped you being Toby’s God Mum,

it makes no difference.


were the only one we’d choose.”

“I always said to people there was a deep love between the two of you…”

“If anyone says anything bad I will tell them to fuck off.”

“Now Toby has two gay Aunties and he’s only one years old!”

“Now she is really part of the family.”

“I hope you’re together forever.”

“We could go on a little couples holiday, You and Ali, me and your Dad.”

And after all of this support,

words of love

and camaderie

why do I still feel so anxious and frightened?


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