The Girl That Said No.

It was September
when in the shed by the coal
I saw a dead little girl
and asked for her soul.

I grant her permission
to prance round my home
and she responds to my question
with a word that is “No.”

Cute without the E,
she has a smile round her throat
that can’t reach those eyes
and she constantly chokes.

This lodger can’t realise,
she has not one clue
that this arrangement is priced.
My interest grew.

I stalked as she played
a while later, in June.
She asked if I’d like to play
and I nodded true.

We played hide and seek,
I ran from the word “Go.”
I hid in the coal shed,
watched the key turning slow.

I pushed at the locked door
as my panic did grow.
“Won’t you let me out please?”
The girl smiled and said “No.”


4 responses to “The Girl That Said No.

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